Pasar Pasir Pinji (Wet Market)

The existing old Pasir Pinji wet market has been run down with many structural problems since some years ago. Apart from having very little daylight within the market, the space is also filled with uneven level difference, unclear entrances and faulty drainage system. Part of the pasar even fell down during a heavy storm recently. It has always been the local residents’ wish to revamp the market to a reasonable state.

Ipoh, Perak
Pusat Komuniti Adun Pasir Pinji DAP
Kuee Architect was approached by the local district councillor to produce a proposal for a new wet market of modern design incorporated with green elements. After visiting and studying several local and overseas examples, the architect came out three layout options and an innovative roof design which could be applicable to all.

Targeted to be a Green Building Index (GBI) Certified building, the market has a saw-tooth roof planes which allow adequate amount of soft, natural north-south sunlight from entering. Glass louvres are carefully placed at these openings also allows natural ventilation within. Rainwater is being collected at the lowest part the saw tooth shaped roof and stored underground for washing floors and irrigation purposes.