Project Type: Industrial

agriculture packing centre architecture design lojing highland malaysia by Kuee Architect

Packing Center Lojing Highlands

COMMERCIAL Location Lojing Highlands, Gua Musang Status Conceptual Client Food Farm Forest Sdn. Bhd. Scope Architecture

Pasar Pasir Puteh modern wet market design architecture

Pasar Pasir Pinji (Wet Market)

COMMERCIAL The existing old Pasir Pinji wet market has been run down with many structural problems since some years ago. Apart from having very little […]

Gene Martino Factory

INDUSTRIAL Gene Martino Factory Client in fashion business commissioned Kuee Architect to provide a design for their factory facade in a series of rebranding exercises. […]

Moden Garage

Modern Garages

INDUSTRIAL Modern Garage project are with exceptionally high expectation of craftsmanships, detailing and finishes. We are able to produce buildings of exquisite qualities working together […]

Sumec Solar Farm Exterior

Sumec Solar Farm

COMMERCIAL With the solar plant having net minimum export capacity of 49MWalternating current (ac) to the grid, the development is currently one of the largest […]

Zarapak Factory

COMMERCIAL With an intense production of paper packing production, the company was in need to build a larger factory to cope with the increasing orders. […]