First Perak-based Architect Firm to win PAM Awards 3 years consecutively

Never in the history of Perak has a building won the PAM (Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia) Award, before the year 2020. Today, we are very honoured to announce that Kuee Architect has once again won the prestigious award, three years consecutively now for our beloved silver state. With Platinum Green Building rating, the innovative 1 Lasam has its most deserving win in the Sustainable Development Goals Category.

  • 2020- Galasa Event Hall (Commendation)
  • 2021- Pantai Hospital Facade (Commendation)
  • 2022- 1 Lasam (Silver)

Today is certainly another day for great triumph and celebrations.

在Kuee Architect之前,霹雳州并没有任何建筑物曾获得马来西亚建筑协会大奖这个殊荣。继2020第一次以Galasa大礼堂、和2021班台医院改造得奖后,我们很荣幸再度被赐予同一个肯定。这次以1 Lasam的独特白金级绿色建筑概念,我们更脱颖而出在联合国可持续发展组别夺得了银奖,得以让霹雳州三度在建筑界吐气扬眉。今天确实是值得大家雀跃欢欣的一天。