Semi Detached side view West Oak by Urbax

West Oak

Strategically located on Jalan Kelab Golf, Ipoh, Perak. WestOak is a series of highly customizable homes designed to harmonize with its surrounding nature. The 2 semi-detached and 1 bungalow unit(s) explore the concept indoor gardens, inviting nature into a user’s lifestyle, featuring sunken courtyards that open to the sky.
The facade is designed with monochromatic colors of protrusion, creating a light- weighted effect on the building block, while highlighting the natural textured looks. Each unit is designed with spacious double volume interiors, curtain walls that allow natural light into the space and shading louvers for the hot sun. The design blendes concrete and natura in a minimalistic and practical manner, blending the house into the serenity context of Ipoh.
Ipoh, Perak
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Semi-Detached Units

Bungalow Units