Perak Chinese Assembly Hall

The New PCAH Building in Ipoh

A Beacon of Tradition and Innovation

The Perak Chinese Assembly Hall (PCAH) is set to embark on an exciting new chapter, one that will not only reect its esteemed institutional character but also mark a signicant milestone in the city of Ipoh.

As a highly recognized Chinese Association in Perak, PCAH is poised to unveil a remarkable landmark building that marries tradition and innovation in an extraordinary way. This upcoming architectural marvel is more than just a structure; it embodies a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. With a resolute focus on reducing its carbon footprint, PCAH’s new home is designed to be an epitome of energy eciency and green building practices. From the materials used to the overall design, every aspect of the building has been meticulously crafted to harmonize with our planet.

Ipoh, Perak
Perak Chinese Assembly Hall

The crowning jewel of this splendid edice is the exquisite apex, a feature that pays homage to the magnificent hipped roofs of ancient times. This architectural marvel not only captures the eye but also serves as a powerful symbol of PCAH’s unwavering commitment to guiding the Chinese community and various Chinese organizations towards progress and advancement. It stands as a testament to PCAH’s enduring legacy and its pivotal role in shaping the future.
The pairs of Imperial Guardian Lion statue in Chinese Assembly Hall is believed to have mythic protective benets in Chinese tradition and culture. They act as the ‘guards’ for the entrance. Deriving from the Imperial Guardian Lion, the simplied repetitive motif on the solid wall serves as the ‘guards’ that look after the whole building.