Taiping Housing Scheme

Set to be the first ever GBI green township in Perak, the visionary client was very keen to promote this prototype for future living. As the world recovers from the worst-hit pandemic ever in human’s history, the team has had the opportunity to look into designing a township which would serve a how we should live after.

The site was strategically located, with public transportation and amenities nearby. Within the township, wider streets were introduced, with dedicated bicycle lanes and jogging tracks covering the entire development. Apart from a clubhouse with majority of natural ventilated spaces, generous outdoor green spaces scattered around the site, with many spots of urban farming areas allocated.

Many features of sustainable design have been incorporated into the individual houses and clubhouse. Orientation of the houses were carefully placed at North-South direction to minimise heat gain into the houses, and placement of windows were put intentionally to avoid direct sunlight.

The team is still actively improving the green performance of the development as a whole, working with energy efficient consultant Green Quarter Sdn Bhd and we look forward to many more exciting updates soon.

Taiping, Perak
Planning & Submission
DKLS Sdn Bhd
Architecture, Interior Design
DKLS Housing area design

Housing Design

Clubhouse Design

ClubHouse Design Sketches by Kuee Architect

Conceptual Stage Design