Ryo Hotel

Kuee Architect was commisoned to design for a client who has been predominantly in the metal and steel industry. As a side business to the group, the client wanted to venture into the hospitality industry and Ryo Hotel would be the its first testing ground.

To create a strong and distinctive identity for the hotel is the main aim of the client. Located right in Ipoh city centre, Ryo is a chic hotel targeting to attarct the younger generation and families. Its strategic corner of the new town and eye-catching facade is designed to stand out from other hotels nearby.

Ipoh, Perak
Choo Bee Holdings Sdn Bhd.
Architecture, Interior Design

Aluminium as a light metal type, is selected by the client. Each cladded with alternate warm toned colours, the rounded fins are arranged and seperated at random intervals. The fins are lit up individually at night to give an impression of exclusivity from the surrounding buildings.

The interior has its concept outside reflected inwards. The aim is to create a continuity in the design so that the entire hotel can be seen as a complete totality. Retaining the earthy warm tone, classy yet durable materials are selected for the common areas. Distinctive marble stones are carefully placed to act as feature walls for the open spaces.

In the rooms, earthy tones are complimented by cooler grey and light blue. There are mainly two room types: deluxe for couples and duplex for families. Open concept for the bathrooms is applied throughout for easy manouvre around the rooms

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