Modern Garages

Modern Garage project are with exceptionally high expectation of craftsmanships, detailing and finishes. We are able to produce buildings of exquisite qualities working together with high achieving team.

Sculpted Elegance Garage Design

The façade of the car garage is a mesmerizing display of pop out bricks, carefully arranged to create a visual symphony. These textured, three-dimensional bricks bring an element of surprise and artistry to the structure. Their vibrant hues and irregular patterns add depth and character, ensuring that the garage stands out as a unique architectural gem.

While the exterior is a captivating work of art, the car garage is designed with utmost functionality in mind. Inside, it features spacious parking bays with car washing space and storage solutions for tools and equipment.

To further enhance the design, lush greenery is incorporated around the garage, creating a seamless connection between nature and architecture.

Ipoh, Perak and KL
Architecture, Interior, Landscape

Initial Render & Visualization

Work In Progress

Final Construction Gallery