MBI Facade

The existing Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh Municipal Building was constructed in the 80’s. The glass façade have been suffering from serious rain seepage issue all the while and the problem could not be resolved despite repeated effort. Strong heat from the evening sun was also another downside of the full glass west facing façade which in need of a solution.
The council has finally decided to have a major revamp of the facades. Kuee Architect being appointed as the Lead Consultant, has proposed a semi glass system which consisted of tinted glass fixed panels, ACP panels with insulation and casement window which can provide bomba escape and regular maintenance.

Colour scheme of the project is different tones of silver with bright yellow as highlight, to reflect the official Perak state colours. Perforated ACPs are also allocated at eye levels of the offices to maintain views out to the city.

Ipoh, Perak