Bercham Memorial Park Zen Garden
A Vision of Tranquility:

KLS Memorial Park

We are excited to unveil a groundbreaking concept that redefines the traditional perception of cemeteries – the Modern Chinese Cemetery. This visionary project is designed to provide a serene, contemporary, and spiritually uplifting environment, paying homage to Chinese heritage while embracing the needs of the modern world.

Kek Look Seah Crematorium, Jalan Bercham
Kek Look Seah

Interior Design

At the core of this concept is an architectural masterpiece that serves as a conduit for spiritual connection. The Modern Chinese Cemetery is not just a place of nal rest; it’s a sanctuary for  remembrance, reflection, and a bridge to the divine.

Landscape & Garden Design

The cemetery are the first impression of serenity. They are adorned with simple, elegant, and elevated structures that beckon visitors with an air of graceful invitation. Geometry, pure and precise, symbolizes calm and peace, setting the tone for the entire sacred expanse.

Concept & Visionary

The Concept is a visionary project that re-imagines traditional burial grounds,
infusing them with contemporary design, spiritual resonance, and serene
tranquility. It honors Chinese heritage while meeting the needs of modern
families and individuals.