Hospital Fatimah Modern hospital interior design

Hospital Fatimah

In an endeavor to revitalize the patient experience, we present a transformative interior design
renovation for an aging hospital facility. This visionary project breathes new life into the hospital’s interiors, prioritizing minimalism, comfort, hygiene, and the healing power of color.

To create a clean, elegant, and easily maintainable environment, the interiors will feature minimalist and monochrome furniture. The design places a strong emphasis on warm and soft lighting. Gentle illumination not only soothes patients’ eyes but also complements the ample daylight that filters into the space.

Drawing from research that highlights the healing properties of the color blue, it will play a significant role in the hospital’s interior design. The interior design renovation for this hospital is a testament to our commitment to patient well-being and comfort.

Ipoh, Perak
Hospital Fatimah
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