Cycle & Carriage Mercedes Exterior Design
Redening Luxury Automotive Retail

Cycle & Carriage Penang

The Cycle and Carriage Building goes beyond conventional showroom spaces, aiming to create an immersive experience that mirrors the brand’s enduring legacy. The central concept, “Timeless Modernity,” harmoniously blends classic Mercedes-Benz sophistication with contemporary design. It invites visitors into a world where simplicity and elegance coexist, allowing the vehicles themselves to take center stage.

Georgetown, Penang
Cycle & Carriage Bintang Sdn Bhd


A minimalist approach, characterized by clean lines and open spaces, showcases the beauty of the brand fleet. Large glass facades dissolve the boundaries between interior and exterior, creating a sense of openness. The building incorporates eco-friendly materials, energy-eefficient systems, and green spaces, aligning with Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to sustainability.

Proposed CI Signage

Internal & Driveway

Cycle and Carriage Building represents not only a showroom but a destination that captures the spirit of Mercedes-Benz. It sets a new standard in luxury automotive retail, reflecting the brand’s enduring legacy and commitment to the future.