BVH Office Headquarters

BVH HQ is to house one of the most renown developer Kinta Properties and all of its subsidiary companies. Located on a tight V-shape site, the design process of the project originated since 2012 and was amended many times due to its sensitive location next to the army base. Measuring about 30,000sf of office space, the 5-story office block comes with majority workspaces with ancillary spaces e.g. conference room, gallery space etc. While central courtyard to allow natural daylight to all floors, the narrow office floor plates allow cross ventilation whenever required to cut down on air-con usage.

Ipoh, Perak
Nurilim Sdn. Bhd.

Being a pioneer in building green buildings, the ambitious client has specifically targets it to be the first GBI Platinum Commercial Building in Perak. Many features have been designed to ensure this can be achieved, namely rain water harvesting tank to allow rain water to be collected and used for landscape irrigation and WC flushing; PV panels on roof to cater for full electricity capacity; the use of local materials and to keep raw and natural as far as possible.