BVH Office Headquarters

1 Lasam was conceptualised more than eight years ago by the owner Dato Lim, when GBI rating tool was new and there was still no other green buildings in Perak. The amicable and ambitious client wanted to build the first ever GBI Platinum building in the state, to resonate with the group’s motto of being a pioneer in many of the businesses they have ventured in since decades ago.

Built on the V-shaped land of Dato’s childhood house, the design evolved greatly over the years. To maximise the building footprint, the dramatic shape of the massing followed the shape of the site. A central courtyard was carved in the centre, to allow more daylighting into the office spaces. Nako windows were installed at high levels of all office spaces for natural cross and stack ventilation through the central courtyard, so that during a cool day no air conditioning would be required. 

Ipoh, Perak
Nurilim Sdn. Bhd.

Measuring about 30,000sf of office space, the 5-story office block comes with majority workspaces with ancillary spaces e.g. conference room, gallery space etc.The design team explored the concept of floating boxes which further developed into box-in-box geometry. The higher floors were lifted up supported by a bold V-shape column, to allow for vehicle circulation on the street level. With the neighbouring army camp, many restrictions in building design were imposed. The west facing double layered wall installed with dense louvres not only eliminated direct view to the camp, it also blocked the heat and sunlight to the office spaces in the evening. On this gesture, the Architect managed to kill two birds with one stone.

Other green features included maximising electricity generation from the solar panels, rainwater and grey water harvesting, tinted glass, grasscrete for lowering heat island effect, and bioswales on site for effective storm water drainage etc.


Materials were selected carefully to reflect the client’s intention to keep the building as “raw” as possible. Exposed bare concrete, red bricks applied with waterproofing solution, simple aluminium framed tinted glass, exposed ceiling throughout, and to many’s surprises, not a single drip of paint was used in the entire building. 

To resonate further the V-shape land and V-shape column, V-shape balustrades were designed to emphasise the strong alphabet presence of the client’s mother company name “BVH”.


1 Lasam was perhaps one of the boldest new addition to Ipoh’s low profile skyline. It’s head-turning architecture has attracted interests from professionals and the public in general since it’s completion. With Dato’s intention to allow public access on the ground floor for green building education, we believe this building will contribute positively to the local sustainable architecture scene in many years to come.

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