Zarapak architect's concept art impression


  • Schematic Design
  • Concept sketches with 2D layout and 3D visualization, cost estimates
  • Research, Design and Development
  • Develop drawings for other consultants to commence work; submitting drawings for submission to relevant Authorities; project planning and implementation schedule
  • Contract Documentation
  • Detailed drawings for competitive tender; evaluating and awarding tender; preparing building contract documents
  • Contract Implementation and Management
  • Providing information and issuing instructions to contractors; examining works programme; inspecting works at periodic intervals
  • Final Completion
  • Issuing Certificate of Completion and Compliance; certifying as-built drawings

Planning and Development Services

  • Feasibility Studies to enable client to reach decision on possibility of the Project
  • Project Preliminary Studies which include Technical Evaluation, Market Research, Context Study, Financial Advisory, Survey and Investigation etc
  • Preparing Structural, Local Plan and/or Masterplan
  • Advise on Land Acquisition

Integrated Green Sustainable Building Design

  • Ar. Shyuan Kuee (also a GBI Green Building Facilitator) as the Lead Consultant
  • In-house Integrated Green Building Design Consultant team with C&S, M&E, QS and GBI specialist to provide one-stop completed GBI Green Building package
  • Supplementary services e.g. Energy Strategy, Renewable Energy, Dynamic Energy Simulation, Lighting Simulation Studies, Solar Analysis, OTTV Analysis etc.

Facade Design

  • Upgrading current or old buildings as part of re-branding exercises for public and private corporations
  • Illumination and Lighting Design for the facades

Landscape Design

  • Design of plaza, open spaces, squares, breakout spaces, streetscapes, urban farm, roof garden etc with trees, shrubs, greenery, herb garden, edible farm, ponds, softscape and hardscape